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Kabkab date is one of the types of dates in Iran and its consumption is mostly in moist form and dates. Also, the properties of Kabkab date are very high. Khark ripens in early August, but 90% of its fully ripe fruit can be picked in mid-September. It is considered as one of the higher figures. The thorn of this variety cannot be used, so it must be cooked and dried before consumption. Kabkab variety is one of the most important and abundant varieties of Kasht Kamaraj region in Kazeroon and Dashtestan (Brazjan). This variety is also cultivated in large quantities in other date-growing areas such as Khormouj, Behbahan, Kazroon, Jahorm, Tabas, Tangestan and Farashband.

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are the fourth type of dates economically, after the colonial-Shahani- and Mazafati dates. It is a famous date from Bushehr city. Kabkab dates are very sweet and juicy, and the properties of Kabkab dates are also many. Dates are both food and medicine, and have the ability to be stored and preserved (one of the properties of Kabkab dates).

Properties of Kabkab dates

One of the properties of kabkab dates is that: kabkab dates are useful in the treatment of constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems and diarrhea and are considered as laxative foods. Among other properties of Kabkab dates: For this reason, it has been declared beneficial for people who suffer from constipation. The nature of Kabkab dates is hot and dry. If dates are eaten with fenugreek, it is useful for bladder stones, which is another property of Kabkab dates. Those who want to crush their bladder stones should use date infusion.