Healthful Meal with Dates and Walnuts

The combination of dates and walnuts makes for a good, rich meal! They are great to consume together to maintain your strength and stamina.

The body’s metabolism also increases and fattening effects disappear to a significant extent.

Strengthening memory with dates and walnuts!

Our advice to dear students who are in the exam period is to consume Kurma Mazafati Shah Alam with walnuts.

Due to the presence of significant amounts of omega-3 in walnuts, it helps to strengthen short-term memory.

Maybe you have also heard the term “brain food” about walnuts, but the reason is not only its appearance similarity to the human brain, but also the abundance of omega-3 in walnuts.

Another factor that affects the brain’s short-term memory is natural sugar, which makes the brain perform its daily activities well. To supply the brain with natural sugar, it is enough to consume only a few dates.

Is there any harm in consuming dates with walnuts?

Since dates and walnuts have a warm nature, consuming them can cause allergies or exacerbate seasonal sensitivities.

Therefore, the consumption of Pemborong Kurma Piarom and walnuts can be dangerous and not recommended for people who have allergies or have the potential of allergies.

It should be noted that consuming dates and walnuts for people who have hot and dry nature by nature can lead to eating disorders.

Things like: itchy skin, red eyes, or some other symptoms indicating high heat consumption may occur.