How Start Out Your Own Whole Foods Lifestyle

Most parents like to have tall children, and one of their most important concerns is the height growth of their children. It is true that children’s height depends on different factors such as genetics, but nutrition also plays an important role in children’s height growth.

Wheat germ potion

Separate and crush wheat or barley sprouts. Add three spoons of honey for every spoonful of crushed sprouts and give one spoonful to your child every 8 hours.

wheat germ

Milk and almond concoction

Break ten almonds and put them in boiling water until their skins are removed. Put the almonds with two spoons of honey and a glass of milk in a blender until they are soft. Give your child a glass of this unique potion to increase height a day.

Elderberry powder potion

This potion, which is popularly known as Bu Ali Sina height increase potion, has a simple formula. Grind 5 or 6 elderberries into powder, you can get ground elderberries with their seeds from attari, but elderberries are not suitable for those with anemia, so be sure to remove the seeds for children who are anemic. .

Break 5 almonds and put the core in hot water to remove the skin more easily, then grate or grind them. Mix a tablespoon of almond powder, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of elderberry powder, a tablespoon of rice flour, a tablespoon of rolled oats and put it on a low heat and stir constantly until reach our desired concentration.

Excessive consumption of elderberry causes constipation, so use this porridge only once a week.